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Wyoming State-Wide Bighorn
and Domestic Sheep Interaction
Working Group
Request for Proposal

The Wyoming Wildlife/Livestock Disease Partnership (WWLDRP) is requesting proposals from researchers investigating diseases that affect both livestock and wildlife.

Final Reports
arrow Appendix A - Pinedale, WY Meeting - February 8, 2000
arrow Appendix B - Lander, WY Meeting - March 31, 2000
arrow Appendix C - Lander, WY Meeting - June 29, 2000
arrow Appendix D - Laramie, WY Meeting - August 18, 2000
arrow Appendix E - Laramie, WY Meeting - December 14, 2000
arrow Appendix F - Rock Springs, WY Meeting -April 4, 2001
arrow Appendix G - Lander, WY Meeting - May 31, 2001
arrow Appendix H - Action Items, Definitions of Areas, Habitat Improvements
arrow Appendix H(a) - Necropsy Protocol
arrow Appendix H(b) - Die-off Protocol
arrow Appendix H(c) - Participant Listing
arrow Appendix I - Lander, WY Meeting - June 29, 2004
arrow Appendix K - Disease/Stress/Predators/Research
arrow Appendix L - Transplant Proposals in Cooperative Review Areas
arrow Appendix L(a) - Transplant Proposals in Existing Herd Units
arrow Appendix L(b) - Public Process Recommendations
arrow Appendix M - Definitions - Bighorn Sheep Management Areas
arrow Appendix N - Core Native Herds - Boundary Definition
arrow Appendix O - A Review of Predation on Bighorn Sheep
arrow Appendix P - Habitat Subcommittee Meeting - September 31, 2001
arrow Appendix R - Research Recommendations - January 14, 2008
Maps - Statewide Bighorn Sheep Management Area
arrow Bighorn Sheep Management Areas
arrow Southern Wind Rivers

Boundary between core, native heard and cooperative review area

arrow Northern Wyoming Range Boundary

Boundary between core, native herd and cooperative review area and Non-Emphasis Area


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