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Game and Fish Reviews Herd Unit Objectives


CODY - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is holding public information meetings throughout the Bighorn Basin to discuss herd management objectives for the Absaroka moose herd and the Basin, Clarks Fork, North Bighorn, Southwest Bighorn, Meeteetse/Owl Creek, and Upper Shoshone River mule deer herds.

Tim Woolley, wildlife management coordinator said that the meetings will provide an opportunity for sportsman, landowners, and other interested parties to provide input on the management of the herds. “These meetings will focus on herd unit objectives, which are population targets the Game and Fish sets for each herd,” Woolley said.

Although Game and Fish review herd unit objectives every year when hunting seasons are set, herd objectives will be formally evaluated in five year intervals to ensure a high level of public involvement. In addition to the hunting public, landowners and federal agencies are also asked to provide input since they manage the habitat big game uses throughout the year.

The meetings will begin at 6:00 p.m. with a short presentation on the history and status of each herd unit followed by a question and answer session and public comment period. Locations are as follows:

Date Town Location Herd unit to be discussed
May 20 Meeteetse Meeteetse Senior Center, 1105 Park Ave Basin and Meeteetse/Owl Creek mule deer herds
May 21 Thermopolis Museum and Cultural Center, 700 Broadway St Basin, Meeteetse/Owl Creek, and Southwest Bighorn mule deer herd
May 22 Worland Washakie County Fairgrounds, 602 Fifteen Mile Rd Basin and Southwest Bighorn mule deer herds
May 22 Lovell Lovell Fire Hall, 314 Nevada Ave. North Bighorn mule deer herd
May 27 Cody Big Horn Federal Bank, 1701 Stampede Ave Clarks Fork and Upper Shoshone River mule deer herds, Absaroka moose herd

The Basin mule deer herd consists of hunt area 125 and 127, the Meeteetse/Owl Creek mule deer herd unit consists of hunt areas 116-120, and the Southwest Bighorn mule deer herd unit consists of hunt area 35-37, 39, 40 and 164.

The Shoshone River mule deer herd consists of hunt area 110-115 and the Clarks Fork deer herd consists of hunt areas 105,106, and 109. The Absaroka moose herd consists of hunt areas 8, 9, and 11.

The North Bighorn mule deer herd includes deer hunt areas 24, 25, 27, 28 on the east side of the Bighorn Mountains and deer hunt areas 50-53 on the west side of the Bighorns.

The state of Wyoming supports the Americans with Disabilities Act. Anyone requiring additional or auxiliary aids should contact the Cody Office at (307) 527-7125. Every effort will be made for reasonable accommodations.

(Contact Tara Teaschner at 307-527-7125)



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