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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is Wyoming's State Bird?

A. Wyoming's state bird is the meadowlark (Sturnella Neglecta). The meadowlark is also the state bird of Montana, Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota and Oregon. The Legislature named the meadowlark our state bird in 1927. These birds have a flute-like song which are warbled. A meadowlark has a yellow breast with a distinct black-V.

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Q. Where can I find a place to do target shooting?

A. There are numerous shooting ranges scattered throughout the state. Some ranges are private and to shoot you must be a member or guest of a member. However, there are also many public places to shoot. Local sporting goods dealers or Game and Fish offices may be able to advise of nearby ranges or shooting areas. If shooting on public lands, make sure adequate precautions are taken with regard to a safe backstop and that the shooting takes place in areas away from picnic areas and campgrounds. Also, check with the land management agency - some areas may be closed to shooting during certain times of the year. For example, the Pole Mountain section of Medicine Bow National Forest between Cheyenne and Laramie is closed to shooting from March 31 through September 10 each year.

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Q. What do you do with the money you collect from poachers?

A. By Wyoming law, all money from fines goes to the school district in the county where the violation took place. If the judge orders restitution be paid for illegally taking an animal, that money goes to the Game and Fish Department for law enforcement activities.

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Q. Can I keep a wild animal as a pet?

A. It depends. Live big or trophy game animals may not be possessed and other species are also regulated. This is in order to protect native wildlife from disease, eliminate competition from the introduction of exotic species, to reduce the possibility of commercial over-harvest, ensure the humane treatment of wildlife held in captivity, and to prevent unwanted hybridization between native and exotic wildlife species. Please refer to Chapter 10 Commission regulation, which governs possession and importation of live wildlife. Guide to possessing wildlife.

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Q. Are there any restrictions for mountain biking in national forests in Wyoming?

A. In general, you may ride your mountain bike in any of the public lands managed by the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management with the exception of the portions of forest which are federally designated wilderness areas. In wilderness areas, mechanized transportation is prohibited. Travel in wilderness areas is restricted to foot or horseback.

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Q. Are roads bordering irrigation canals public?

A. Almost always, no. In all but very few instances across the state, irrigation canal roads are either owned by the irrigation district or a private landowner. So to use the road, whether it is posted private or not, permission must be obtained.

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