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Frequently Asked Questions
General Wildlife
Q. When do you conduct your big game counts?

A. Big game herds are classified to sex and age annually using a combination of aerial and ground observations. Pronghorn are usually classified in August, as well as some open-country elk herds. Counting animals at various times of the year also gives a good indication of habitat uses in different areas during different seasons. Information gathered is used to set seasons and license quotas for the coming year.

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Q. Can I pick up road-killed big game animals?

A. Not unless you get the animal tagged with an interstate game tag. Your only option is to find a game warden and have it tagged with an interstate game tag. The law is strict concerning road kills to help prevent poaching. If the laws were more liberal, a person who poached a big game animal could claim "I found it," or "It was a road kill."

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Q. Do you keep records of the largest big game animals harvested in Wyoming?

A. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department does not have a comprehensive list of record book big game animals; however the G&F does keep a file containing score sheets of many Wyoming trophies. Hunters who bag trophy animals are invited to send a copy of their score sheets to the G&F in Cheyenne. The most comprehensive lists are kept by the Boone & Crockett Club for firearm trophies and Pope & Young Club for animals harvested by archers.

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