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Upland Bird Hunters Made Aware of New Regulations for Blue and Ruffed Grouse


GREEN RIVER - With the Sept.1 opener for many upland game species right around the corner, bird hunters are alerted there are some significant changes in the hunting regulations for this fall.

The combined daily bag limit and possession limit for blue and ruffed grouse that has been in place for a number of years has been eliminated and upland game bird hunters will be allowed to take a daily bag limit of three blue grouse and a daily bag limit of three ruffed grouse. The possession limit for each species will be nine.

Now that hunters are allowed to take separate daily bag limits of blue grouse, ruffed grouse, chukar partridge, gray (Hungarian) partridge or sharp-tailed grouse, hunters will need to retain evidence of species on all game birds in their possession while in the field. The new regulation states that, excluding pheasants, one fully-feathered wing shall remain naturally attached to the carcass of any upland game bird in the field and during transportation. Hunters have always had to retain evidence of sex and species on each pheasant harvested by having the feathered head, feathered wing or foot naturally attached to the carcass of a pheasant while in the field and during transportation.

“The new law requires that hunters keep one fully-feathered wing naturally attached to the bird carcass in the field and during transportation for identification purposes,” said Green River wildlife management coordinator Mark Zornes. “This is a change from previous years and we just want game bird hunters to be aware of the new regulation.”

Sage grouse hunters are reminded that Game and Fish biologists collect wing information each year from harvested birds. To do that, sage grouse hunters are asked to place one wing from each harvested sage grouse in wing barrels. Wing barrels are placed along primary access routes in popular sage grouse hunting locations. To comply with the regulation and help the Game and Fish with sage grouse data collection hunters should leave one wing attached and save the other wing for deposit in a wing barrel.

The statewide hunting season for blue and ruffed grouse opens Sept.1 and closes Nov.30, 2014. For chukar and gray (Hungarian) partridge, the statewide season opens Oct.1, 2014 and closes Jan. 31, 2015. The sage grouse season in Hunt Area 1, which takes in most of the state, opens Sept. 20 and ends on Sept.30. Hunt Area 4 in the Sheridan, Buffalo and Gillette areas opens Sept. 20 and closes Sept. 22. The other two sage grouse units, Hunt Area 2 in Southeast Wyoming and Hunt Area 3 in the Jackson area are closed.

Hunters with questions regarding the upland game bird regulations can contact Game and Fish headquarters in Cheyenne 307-777-4600 or their regional Game and Fish office.

(Contact: Lucy Wold (307) 875-3223)



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