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Game and Fish Organizing Baggs Mule Deer Conservation Group


BAGGS - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is organizing a working group to explore, discuss and make recommendations for management options for the Baggs Mule Deer Herd.

The Baggs area is home to one of the most popular mule deer herds for both resident and nonresident hunters in Wyoming, receiving nearly 10,000 hunter use days each year. Baggs Wildlife Biologist Tony Mong said the area continues to experience extreme weather conditions and increased human activity throughout the herd unit.

“The combination of tough winters and increased human activity, coupled with slow population growth, prompted us to initiate a process to form a working group for the herd,” Mong said. “It has always been important that we address the issues and concerns for this herd and we feel increased urgency to act giventhe current and probable threats to mule deer habitat.”

The Game and Fish is hosting two public meetings -- Baggs and Rawlins – to gather information regarding perceptions of major issues impacting mule deer and options for the Baggs herd. In addition, the Game and Fish will be asking for people to volunteer their time to work together on the working group with a variety of stakeholders, who all have an interest in the management of Baggs deer.

“It is extremely important that we have a good representation of those interested in the management of this deer herd,” Mong said. “We really need the public to show up and get involved with this process.”

Both public meetings are open to anyone interested in the conservation and management of deer in the Baggs area and will begin at 7 p.m. The meeting in Baggs is Wednesday, July 9, at the Valley Community Center. The meeting in Rawlins is Thursday, July 10, at the Bureau of Land Management Field Office.

Baggs Game Warden Kim Olson said the format for these meetings is different from the Game and Fish annual season setting meetings.

“We are using a collaborative learning process where the entire group will identify challenges and issues with the BMDH (Baggs Mule Deer Herd) and explore options to benefit the herd,” Olson said. “We need folks to show up ready to work on issues and solutions for the herd.”

For more information call Tony Mong at 307-380-8283 or the Green River Game and Fish Office at 307-875-3223.

(Contact: Tony Mong (307) 380-8283)



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