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July 1 is Deadline to Apply for Super Tag Raffle


CHEYENNE - Hunters who are looking to add to their chances to have the opportunity to hunt in the best areas in Wyoming are reminded the deadline to apply for the super tag and super tag trifecta raffles is July 1.

Residents and nonresidents are eligible to apply. Tickets are sold by species. One winner will be drawn for each of the ten species. The single trifecta winner will have the chance to buy licenses for three of the ten species offered. There is the potential for 11 different winners, but it is possible for an individual to win more than one of the drawings.

Winners for both raffles will be able to hunt in any open hunt area for the species they select. (The winner of a moose license will be able to select any moose hunting area with more than 10 licenses available; for bighorn sheep, eight licenses.)

Winners of the Super Tag and Super Tag Trifecta raffles will retain any preference points they may have accumulated. In addition, the five-year waiting period for moose and sheep and the once-in-a-lifetime restrictions on bison and mountain goat licenses will be waived.

In the Super Tag raffle, 10 winners will receive the opportunity to buy a hunting license for one of Wyoming’s premier big and trophy game species, including:

• bighorn sheep
• moose
• mountain goat
• wild bison
• elk
• deer
• antelope
• black bear
• gray wolf
• mountain lion

Hunters select the species they wish to hunt when they purchase their raffle tickets. One license will be offered for each species which will be issued through an independent drawing.

The Super Tag Trifecta raffle is similar to the Super Tag, except there will be one winner and the successful applicant will be able to select three of the 10 big and trophy game species for license issuance.

Tickets are $10 per entry for the Super Tag and $30 for the Super Tag Trifecta. There is no limit on the number of raffle tickets hunters may buy. Tickets are available through July 1 at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s website ( Winners will be notified by July 15 and must buy any applicable licenses and/or stamps before hunting.

(Contact: Glenn Pauley (307) 777-4555)



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