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Waterfowl Hunting Forecast


CHEYENNE - Hunting for ducks and geese should be good in Wyoming this year as long as waters remain open. The mild weather most of Wyoming has experienced to date has provided holding areas for a number of the birds migrating through from northern marshes.

Game and Fish waterfowl biologist Larry Roberts said there are still a lot of ducks and geese in western North and South Dakota and Montana that will be migrating through Wyoming once a cold snap closes open water in those areas. “There have been some birds trickling down from the north, but the major migrations through Wyoming have not taken place yet,” Roberts said. “It will take a bit more weather up north to get the birds moving.”

Roberts expects waterfowling to be as good or better than last year. “We have more water this year which is good for production and numbers of ducks and geese are very good,” Roberts said. “There are a lot of juvenile geese which bodes well for hunters.”

“In the meantime there are quite a few resident birds in Wyoming along with some migrating birds and hunters have been finding some success,” Roberts said. “Any cold snap in areas to the north will push more birds our way.” Roberts said those birds will stay in Wyoming as long as the state has an abundance of open reservoirs and ponds.

Wyoming has two flyways- the Central and Pacific- and hunting should be good in both as long as open water conditions prevail.

Popular waterfowl hunting areas in Wyoming include the Green River, Salt River, and Snake River waterways in the western part of the state. Fremont County is also popular with waterfowl hunters as is the Bighorn Basin.

“Both the Bighorn Basin in the north and Goshen County in the southeast typically offer some of the best waterfowling opportunities in the state,” Roberts said.

Seasons vary depending on the flyway and zone, but most hunts for ducks and geese run into early to mid January. Hunters are advised to check the waterfowl regulations for seasons and bag limits for the different zones and the various species they will be hunting.

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