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Some Seasonal Roads Open on the Black Hills National Forest


SUNDANCE - Wyoming turkey hunters will have additional access in the Black Hills this spring thanks to the opening of some seasonal routes in the forest for motor vehicle use.

According to Forest Service officials, the routes that are open are shown on the 2012 Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM). Officials said these routes will only be open this spring and will not be a permanent change.

“These routes were solely associated with snowmobile trails and did not have other resource reasons for being closed,” Steve Kozel, Bearlodge District Ranger said. “The snowmobile season is over and the snow has melted off of these routes making them appropriate for the public to use again.” These include routes on both the Wyoming and South Dakota sides of the Black Hills National Forest.

These routes had temporary barricades that have now been removed. Other seasonal closures that are shown on theMVUM and have locked gates are still closed and will open on May 15th.

“If a barricade or locked gate is still in place do not drive around them. They are out there for a reason,” Kozel said. “There may be several roads that are still impassible due to snow or mud and the barricades and gates are there to protect the road surface or other resources.”

Some roads being opened are Roughlock Falls road, the road going to Black Fox Campground in South Dakota, and roads going to Cook Lake and Warren Peak in Wyoming. For many years these roads were still un-drivable due to snow depth, but this year the snow has melted and the roads are now open for use.

For more information about where these routes are located, please call your local Ranger District Office. For more information on the Black Hills National Forest, visit
(Contact: Bearlodge Ranger District (307) 283-1361)



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