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Mountain Lion Hunting Information

Biological year means twelve (12) consecutive months from September 1 to August 31.

Kitten means any mountain lion less than one (1) year of age.

Mortality means any legal or illegal human caused mountain lion death, excluding mountain lions taken by the Department, mountain lions taken under the authority of W.S.§23-3-115(a) and known natural and accidental mountain lion deaths.

Reduced price mountain lion license means a license which may be authorized in specific hunt areas allowing a person to take a mountain lion in addition to what may be taken on a full price mountain lion license.

Use of Dogs

Dogs may be used to take mountain lions during the open season.

Mountain Lion Pursuit

After a mountain lion has been pursued, treed, cornered or held at bay, a properly licensed person shall immediately harvest or release the mountain lion. No person shall in any manner restrict or hinder the mountain lion's ability to escape for the purpose of allowing a person who was not present at the time the mountain lion was treed to arrive and take the mountain lion.

Prohibition of Mountain Lion Pursuit Season

There is no separate mountain lion pursuit season in Wyoming. It is illegal to take or attempt to take (hunt, pursue, catch, capture, shoot, trap, kill or possess, or attempt to hunt, pursue,catch, capture, shoot, trap, kill, or possess) a mountain lion during a closed season or without a license, except as otherwise provided by Commission rule or regulation or by state statute.

Registering Kills

Hunters taking mountain lions shall retain the pelt and skull from each mountain lion taken for registration purposes. Even if the skull is damaged, it shall accompany the pelt. Visible external evidence of sex shall remain naturally attached to the pelt. Within three (3) days (seventy-two(72) hours) after taking a mountain lion, the licensee shall present the pelt and skull to a district game warden, district wildlife biologist, or Department personnel at a Department Regional Office during business hours for registration. The pelt and skull shall be presented in an unfrozen condition in order to allow collection of two (2) premolar teeth to be utilized to determine the age of the mountain lion and to allow examination of the pelt to determine the sex of the mountain lion. At the time of registration, the licensee shall furnish the Department with the date of kill, the location of the site of kill to include section, township and range, or UTM coordinates.

Area Mortality Quota Limitation

The mountain lion season in a hunt area shall close when the mortality quota is reached. If the mortality quota is not reached, the season shall close upon the date specified. Mortality quotas shall be for fall through spring. It is the hunter's responsibility to confirm that the hunt area he intends to hunt is open. The status of hunt area closures is available by calling toll free 1-800-264-1280 twenty-four (24) hours a day.


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