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Bighorn Sheep Hunting Information

Bighorn Sheep Horns means the hollow horn sheaths of male bighorn sheep, either attached to the skull or separated.

Plugging means the hollow horn sheaths of male bighorn sheep, either attached to the skull or separated.

Obtaining a License

Obtaining a bighorn sheep license is akin to winning the lottery. New applicants with no preference points will at least have a mathematical chance to draw a license if they apply in areas with larger license quotas since 25 percent of the quota in those areas is issued through the random draw. Drawing odds in the random draw are typically less than 1 percent. Once a license is obtained, the successful applicant loses all preference points and must wait five years before applying again.

Selecting an Area

Hunting bighorn sheep is different from most other big game hunting since most bighorn sheep occupy remote areas within designated wilderness areas. Hunting bighorn sheep is logistically more difficult and physically demanding and typically involves packing gear long distances into rugged country, often at very high elevations. Because of this and Wyoming's wilderness guide law, nonresidents who draw a bighorn sheep license should anticipate hunting with a guide. Average hunter success is typically around 75 percent. Bighorn sheep must be checked and registered at a regional Game and Fish office or at the Cheyenne office within 15 days of harvest.

Registration and Plugging of Bighorn Sheep Horns

Any person harvesting a bighorn sheep in Wyoming shall within fifteen (15) consecutive days following the harvest present the horns attached to the skull plate for registration and plugging. Any person picking up any bighorn sheep horns in Wyoming shall within fifteen (15) consecutive days following the pickup of the horns present the horn or horns for registration, plugging and interstate game tagging. Plugging may be omitted if the Game and Fish Department determines that the size or condition of the horn prevents proper plugging. Any person taking bighorn sheep horns shall present them in person at one of the following Game and Fish Department offices during normal business hours. Bighorn sheep horns not originating in Wyoming shall not be plugged.

Game and Fish Department Location In State Toll-Free Number
Headquarters Cheyenne 1-800-842-1934
Casper Region Casper 1-800-233-8544
Cody Region Cody 1-800-654-1178
Green River Region Green River 1-800-843-8096
Jackson Region Jackson 1-800-423-4113
Lander Region Lander 1-800-654-7862
Laramie Region Laramie 1-800-843-2352
Pinedale Region Pinedale 1-800-452-9107
Sheridan Region Sheridan 1-800-331-9834

(a) The Wyoming Game and Fish Department may require substantive proof from individuals who do not possess a valid bighorn sheep license and take bighorn sheep horns that the horns were legally acquired. Failure to provide such proof may result in seizure of the horns. Before a person's bighorn sheep horns may be plugged, the person may be required to take a Wyoming Game and Fish Department enforcement officer to the location where the bighorn sheep horns were acquired. Failure to comply with this request shall be a violation of this regulation and the bighorn sheep horns may be seized.

(b) No person shall alter, deface or remove a plug placed in a bighorn sheep horn by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

(c) No person shall possess the horn(s) of a bighorn sheep that bears an altered, defaced or counterfeit Wyoming plug or from which the plug has been removed.

(d) The insertion of a Wyoming plug does not in itself certify that the animal was legally taken or possessed.

(e) Any person who makes a false statement on the registration form regarding the date the bighorn sheep was taken or the hunt area in which it was taken shall be in violation of this regulation. Such violation shall be punishable as provided by Title 23, Wyoming Statutes for violation of Commission regulations.


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