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Entering the World of the Predator

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It is not uncommon for brown bears and black bears to attack people in their tents as they sleep. Mountain lions have been known to stalk and attack individuals on nature walks or while jogging. Wolves attack in packs to surround individuals and prevent their escape. Alligators are another story. These animals are preserved from the days of the dinosaurs. Alligators are reptiles that have existed for millions of years. The skull from a prehistoric crocodilian is strikingly similar to present-day crocodilians. Alligators do not “fight fair.” Any time that “death comes from below,” images of evil emerge. Even in World War II, German U-boats were considered evil and silent killers, striking from below the surface. As much as people fear mammals that are large predators, there is a fear of reptiles that dates back to the beginning of man. Hollywood has capitalized on this fear through highly popular movies such as Jurassic Park and Snakes on a Plane. Reptiles have always captured the minds of people. More people fear reptiles than any other class of animals, yet reptiles account for far fewer injuries and deaths than mammals. With this in mind, venomous snakes must be included in the list of deadly predators. North America is home to several species of pit viper"
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