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Reservoir Fishing Maps

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Flaming Gorge Updated in 2019
• Fish habitat added (weedbeds, rock rubble reefs)
• Updated Fishing Locations and Fishing Strategy
• Roads Updated
• Now a multi-color map
Alcova & Pathfinder Reservoirs, Including the North Platte River below Alcova Dam Updated January 2022
5-foot underwater depth contours
Fish Habitat Identified: Rock Reefs, Submerged Brush and Weedbeds
Fishing Suggestions and a Fishing Strategy Included
Numerous GPS Coordinates Identified and Latitude/Longitude Grids Included
Boat Ramps, Roads and Facilities Identified

Grayrocks Reservoir  Updated in 2021
 - Added Fish Habitats: Rock rubble reefs and submerged brush to both lakes
- Added Fishing Strategy to Grayrocks
- Added a new color, green
- Added artificial humps to Grayrocks
- Added GPS locations to Grayrocks
- Added longitude and latitude grids to Grayrocks
- Added Fishing Strategy to Grayrocks
- Upgraded fishing suggestions to Boysen

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