Nongame Birds and Mammals in Wyoming

The Nongame Bird and Mammal Program is responsible for managing species legally designated as Nongame, which includes Species of Greatest Conservation Need with a designated Native Species Status (NSS) and Neotropical Migratory Birds (NTMB). Using the Native Species Status matrix that first appeared in the Nongame Bird and Mammal Plan (Oakleaf et al. 1996) and has since been updated and included in the Department's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy (2005), the Department has designated Species of Greatest Conservation Need with a Native Species Status of 1, 2, 3, or 4.

The Nongame Bird and Mammal Program is also responsible for cooperative management with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of the following federally listed Threatened or Endangered species: Brown Pelican, Wood Stork, Whooping Crane, Piping Plover, Least Tern, black-footed ferret, and Canada lynx.

Nongame Annual Completion Reports

Threatened, Endangered, and Nongame Bird and Mammal Investigations. Annual Completion Reports

Nongame Bird Best Management Practices

Wyoming Wildscape (How to design, plant and maintain landscaping to benefit people and wildlife)
Afield with Aquatic Birds
Aves in the Alpine/Tundra Grasslands
Birds in Green Ribbons
Feathers in the Forest
Growing Grassland Birds
Jewels of Juniper Woodlands
Keeping Birds in the Sagebrush Sea
Maintaining Meadows for Birds
Making More Birds in Mountain-Foothills Shrublands
Wings in the Wetlands

Wyoming Partners in Flight Bird Conservation Plan

Bird Conservation Plan

Wyoming Bird Records Committee

Wyoming Bird Records Committee By Laws
All Observations Report - 2019
Documentation Requested for all sightings of the following species
Documentation Requested for first latilong sightings and nesting observations for the following species

Documenting Rare and Unusual Birds Packet
Rare and Unusual Bird Sighting Form
Rare and Unusual Bird Sighting Form - Photos Only

Bat Conservation Plan

Wyoming Bat Conservation Strategy
Wyoming Strategic Plan for White-Nose Syndrome
A Roost Affair: Conserving Bats in Wyoming (BMPs)
Better Bat Houses in Wyoming
Living with Bats in Wyoming

Black-footed ferrets

Wyoming Black-footed Ferret Management Plan - Nov. 14, 2018


Wyoming Wolverine Management Plan - July 2020

Species of Greatest Conservation Need

Bird Species of Greatest Conservation Need
Mammal Species of Greatest Conservation Need
Bird and Mammal Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Eastern Wyoming Grasslands Plan
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