Wyoming is a member state of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact, which is a reciprocal agreement between states to honor suspensions of hunting, fishing and trapping privileges for wildlife violators.  Individuals who are suspended in one member state may have their privileges suspended in the other member states.  The IWVC acts as an additional deterrent to violating wildlife laws and strengthens the consequences of illegal hunting, fishing or trapping activities.

The IWVC also benefits wildlife violators, allowing non-residents to be treated as residents when being cited for wildlife violations.  Violators from non-member states must post a cash bond in the field or be arrested and booked into jail until bond can be posted.  Violators from member states can accept a citation and be released on their own recognizance.  Failing to appear for a required court appearance or comply with the terms of the citation can result in a suspension of their license privileges in their home state and the rest of the member states.

There are currently 48 member states in the IWVC and two more states are in the process of joining.

Violator Compact Member States and Effective Dates

Alabama                    March 1, 2010
Alaska                        September 8, 2008
Arizona                      April 1, 1991
Arkansas                   July 1, 2014
California                   January 1, 2002
Colorado                    April 1, 1991
Connecticut                April 1, 2014
Delaware                    June 1, 2019
Florida                        September 1, 2006
Georgia                      September 1, 2003
Idaho                          April 1, 1991
Illinois                         July 1, 2007
Indiana                       October 31, 2000
Iowa                           August 31, 2001
Kansas                       November 1, 2004
Kentucky                    July 15, 2008
Louisiana                   February 1, 2009
Maine                         September 1, 2014
Maryland                    February 28, 2000
Michigan                     October 1, 2005
Minnesota                   March 1, 2000
Mississippi                  September 1, 2007
Missouri                      December 20, 1999
Montana                     February 2, 1996
Nebraska                    November 7, 2017
Nevada                       April 1, 1991
New Hampshire          April 1, 2014
New Jersey                 December 1, 2017
New Mexico                August 30, 2001
New York                    March 1, 2006
North Carolina
North Dakota              August 15, 2001
Ohio                            January 1, 2007
Oklahoma                   September 20, 2010
Oregon                       April 1, 1991
Pennsylvania              January 1, 2011
Rhode Island              June 1, 2014
South Carolina            July 1, 2012
South Dakota              July 1, 2004
Tennessee                  November 1, 2006
Texas                          May 30, 2010
Utah                            June 1, 1993
West Virginia               November 23, 2009
Wisconsin                    April 15, 2008
Wyoming                     August 3, 1996

Violator Compact FAQs

My privileges were suspended in Wyoming.  Can I hunt in other states?
  • It is your responsibility to contact the wildlife agency of the state you wish to hunt in prior to purchasing a license or hunting there.  If the violation you were suspended for in Wyoming is a suspendable offense in that state, the answer is likely no.
I am a non-resident wishing to hunt in Wyoming but my privileges are suspended in my home state.  Can I hunt in Wyoming?
  • If the violation you were suspended for in your home state is also a suspendable offense in Wyoming, we will honor the home state suspension.
I had only my hunting and trapping privileges suspended by a court.  Can I still fish in Wyoming?
  • Yes.  The court order will state which privileges are suspended.  The court may suspend all license privileges or a combination of hunting, fishing or trapping privileges based on the circumstances of the case.

Contact Information

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Wyoming Game and Fish Department
3030 Energy Lane
Casper, WY  82604
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