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                                              Purchasing an Aquatic Invasive Species Program Decal Online   Thank you for visiting the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Decal site. A current AIS decal is required for all watercraft (non-motorized inflatables 10 feet or less in length are exempt) prior to launching on any water in the state of Wyoming. Fees collected for the AIS decals will be used to fund the AIS program in Wyoming along with a General Fund Appropriation. These fees will pay for programs to educate the public about AIS, prevention efforts to keep AIS from being introduced into Wyoming such as watercraft inspections, enforcement, and implementation of AIS regulations. For more information on these invasive species and the inspection process visit the Aquatic Invasive Species page. • The watercraft owner will login to the system. If you have ever received a hunting or fishing license, use that sportsperson identification number. Otherwise use your name, date of birth and zip code to login and a number will be assigned to you. • Provide information about the watercraft. The registration number is required for motorized watercraft. You will also need make/manufacturer, length and type (i.e. inflatable, canoe, personal watercraft, fish/ski). You may purchase decals for multiple watercraft in a single transaction. • Pay for the decal with a credit or debit card.       • Print your temporary AIS Decal Program authorization and carry it with you while boating. This receipt will temporarily allow you to operate the watercraft for 15 days from the decal purchase date. Alternatively, you may save a copy of the temporary AIS Decal Program authorization to your mobile device which you may present as temporary authorization for 15 days from the decal purchase. • You will receive your decal by mail within 10 business days of purchase. Please follow the directions on the decal for placement on your watercraft once your decal is received. AIS Decal Fee Schedule Motorized watercraft registered in Wyoming = $10 AIS decal
Motorized watercraft registered in any other state = $30 AIS decal
Non-motorized watercraft owned by a Wyoming resident = $5 AIS decal
Non-motorized watercraft owned by a nonresident = $15 AIS decal
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