Brian, why are the Dubois area Wildlife Habitat Management Areas opening at 8 a.m. on opening day this year?
Answered by: Brian Parker, Lander Habitat & Access Supervisor

Trevor, is there a boating education course I can take to help prepare for boating season?
Answered by: Trevor Meadows, Cheyenne Headquarters Game Warden

Todd, how will the new water supply pipeline at Diamond Lake Public Access Area help the fishery?
Answered by: Todd Grosskopf, Habitat and Access Statewide Crew Supervisor

Neil, what do I need to know about hunting shed antlers and horns in Wyoming?
Answered by: Neil Hymas, Cokeville Game Warden

Kitty, where can I buy a Wyoming fishing license?
Answered by: Kitty Kury, License Section

Susan, How and why does Game and Fish survey for bald eagles?
Answered by: Susan Patla, Non-game biologist

Jerry, why does Game and Fish own heavy equipment?
Answered by: Jerry Cowles, Laramie Region Habitat and Access Supervisor

Daryl, are antler point restrictions a useful management tool for deer and elk?
Answered by: Daryl Lutz, Wildlife Management Coordinator

Mark, what is a blue ribbon stream, and where are Wyoming’s located?
Answered by: Mark Smith, Assistant Fisheries Management Coordinator

Kindra, Deb and Kelly, what do I need to do to register my boat in Wyoming, and where can I do it?
Answered by: Kelly Lesser, Deb Vincent & Kindra Brown, Casper Office Managers

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