Wendy, how can I report sightings of amphibians and reptiles in Wyoming?
Answered by: Wendy Estes-Zumpf, PhD, Herpetological coordinator

Ian, I hear the Game and Fish facilitates water developments for wildlife – how many acres and what types of work are completed in a year?
Answered by: Ian Tator, Statewide Terrestrial Habitat Manager

Nick, what is fish entrainment?
Answered by: Nick Scribner, Statewide Fish Passage Coordinator

Greg and Jessica, what is the best way to contact a game warden or biologist if I witness a hunting or fishing violation, see injured wildlife or have a question?
Answered by: Jessica Beecham and Greg Anderson, North Riverton Game Warden and Lander Wildlife Biologist

Micah, what can I do and see on the Wick Brothers/Beumee Wildlife Habitat Management Area during a visit?
Answered by: Micah Morris, Laramie Region Habitat and Access Biologist

Bart, why do fish hatcheries and rearing stations manipulate trout growth and how do they do it?
Answered by: Bart Burningham, Ten Sleep Hatchery Superintendent

Andrea, how do I report a sighting of a unique or rare bird or mammal species?  
Answered by: Andrea Orabona, Nongame Bird Biologist

Mark, what kinds of recreational activities can I do on the Pennock Mountain Wildlife Habitat Management Area?
Answered by: Mark Cufaude, Saratoga Habitat and Access Biologist

Nick, what is the new opt-in option for the Conservation Stamp?
Answered by: Nick Kimbrough, Business Applications Analyst

Brian, why are the Dubois area Wildlife Habitat Management Areas opening at 8 a.m. on opening day this year?
Answered by: Brian Parker, Lander Habitat & Access Supervisor

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