Nick, what is “fish passage”, and what is being done about it?
Answered by: Nick Scribner, Fish Passage Coordinator

Matt, when I buy a license, the agent always asks if I want to donate to Access Yes.  What exactly does that money do?
Answered by: Matt Withroder, Regional Access Coordinator

Amanda, in September 2015 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service determined the sage grouse was not warranted for listing under the Endangered Species Act. What does this mean for current and future management of the bird in Wyoming?
Answered by: Amanda Withroder, Staff Biologist, Habitat Protection Program

David, What are the new regulations regarding live baitfish I need to know?
Answered by: David Zafft, Fisheries Management Coordinator

Corey, over the past few years I have observed Wyoming Game and Fish Department flying over deer and elk a few times during the winter months. What information is Game and Fish collecting, and what do they use it for?

Answered by: Corey Class, Laramie Wildlife Coordinator

Mark, what do I need to know about using live baitfish in Wyoming?
Answered by: Mark Smith, Assistant Fisheries Management Coordinator

Kelly, I am planning my hunt in a hunt area that includes large tracts of private land. What do I need to do to hunt on private land?
Answered by: Kelly Todd, Game Warden, Laramie Region

Jordan, what do I need to know about big game winter ranges as winter settles into Wyoming?
Answered by: Jordan Kraft, South Pinedale Game Warden

Jeff, how can I get a copy of Game and Fish's Wyoming Wildlife 2016 calendar?
Answered by: Jeff Obrecht, Interim editor of Game and Fish's Wyoming Wildlife magazine

Aaron, I just received a letter saying I needed an identification number for my boat. Why did I get this letter and what should I do now?
Answered by: Aaron Kerr, Law Enforcement Coordinator

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