Ashley, how do I bring students to the Wyoming Outdoor Expo?
Answered by: Ashley Leonard, Conservation education coordinator

Seth, what is a wildlife-friendly fence?
Answered by: Seth Roseberry, Sheridan Region Habitat & Access Coordinator

Matt, what does a donation to Access Yes support?
Answered by: Matt Withroder, Casper regional access coordinator

Leslie, what other animals live in Wyoming's sagebrush country?
Answered by: Leslie Schreiber, Sage-grouse/Sagebrush Biologist

​Aaron, how can I help with poaching investigations?
Answered by: Aaron Kerr, Law Enforcement Coordinator

Robb, how do I keep my dog safe while ice fishing?
Answered by: Robb Keith, Green River Fisheries Supervisor

Kitty, what is a general license type and where can I hunt with it?
Answered by: Kitty Kurry, Draw Coordinator Supervisor

Tony, Grant & Travis, why shouldn't I feed deer during the winter?
Answered by: Tony Mong, Grant Gerharter and Travis Crane, Cody Region Biologist & Game Wardens

Chris, what are the new features of the Hunt Planner for 2019?
Answered by: Chris Botkins, Webmaster

​Mike, how do I become a Wyoming game warden?
Answered by: Mike Choma , Law Enforcement Supervisor

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