HUNT Chip Update Card

HUNT Chip Update Card

HUNT Chip Update Card

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HUNT by onXmaps - Update for GPS & Computer

Committed to providing their customers with the most current and useful data available, onXmaps frequently updates functionality, land ownership, and map features. Get your current HUNT map up-to-date with a HUNT Map Update Card. Each Update Card is good for updating ONE (1) GPS Map/Computer product and must be redeemed at their website through an easy and intuitive download process. Unlimited updates will be made available throughout your update period.


HUNT by onXmaps Reasons to Update:

Enhancements to your HUNT map experience

Private land ownership & boundary changes

Color-coded public land updates

Road and trail data advancements

GPS and computer functionality improvements

Download most current map version & subversions

Run updates to your HUNT map instantly at your convenience


Update Requirements:

Each Update Card is good for updating ONE (1) Chip or HUNT Map download product and must be redeemed at our website through a download process. Once your card is redeemed you will have access to the most current map version (ex: HUNT MT v15) and all subsequent subversions (ex: HUNT MT v15) with unlimited updates during your activation period. Version updates are performed on an annual basis. Notifications of updates will be sent directly to you when new map versions and subversions are available. Once a new map version is released (ex: HUNT MT v16), you will need to purchase a new map update card


Price: $30.00