Maps indicate locations of access sites and wildlife habitat management areas. Travel directions, recreational uses and facilities can be identified in the area descriptions.


The following regulations have been established to protect Wyoming Game and Fish Commission property, provide responsible use of public access areas, and reduce disturbance to wildlife.

BOATING  Some areas provide boat ramps. Restrictions on the use of boat motors and floating devices may apply. Check regulations.
CAMPING  Camping is allowed on some areas but time limits vary. Campfires must be attended. Fires may be prohibited when fire danger is high.
GENERAL FISHING  Fishing is allowed; however, specific regulations and restrictions may apply. Consult current fishing regulations.
GENERAL HUNTING  Hunting is allowed; however, specific regulations and restrictions may apply and may change from year to year. Consult current hunting regulations.
HANDICAP ACCESS  Some areas provide facilities for the physically challenged; more are being developed. Call regional offices for information.
HIKING  Some areas provide hiking trails or interpretive nature trails.
PARKING  Some areas have vehicle restrictions.  Use designated parking areas where directed.
RESTROOM  Some areas provide restroom facilities.
WATERFOWL HUNTING  Some easements and most management areas allow waterfowl hunting. Check current regulations.
WILDLIFE VIEWING  Wildlife can be viewed at all access and management areas. Some areas provide observation blinds, interpretive signage, visitor centers, and outdoor classrooms.
FLOATING/ROW BOATING  Primitive float access; no vehicular access to water.
     Many management areas have seasonal closures to protect wintering big game and/or nesting birds. Pets need to be controlled at all times, and vehicle use is permitted only on designated roads.

     While every effort has been made to provide accurate information regarding public access to Wyoming Game & Fish property and lease areas, changes do occur. For example, some leases may be short-term, expire and cannot be renewed, or new areas may be acquired and opened to the public. Leases available to the Department and public on an annual basis only are not included here. Likewise, occasional emergency closures or portions of areas closed in hunting or fishing orders are not included here. Finally, easements or leases only grant or convey certain rights such as fishing only with all other rights retained by the landowner. Please consult your nearest Game and Fish Regional Office if you have specific questions.

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