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Located 10 miles west of Grover, 3-4 miles on
State Highway 237, then follow the signs

This 55-acre fish hatchery is actually located in the Caribou National Forest in Idaho.  Although the facility is just outside Wyoming’s border, it produces fish for Wyoming under a permit first issued by the U.S. Forest Service in 1941.  Originally known as the “Western Wyoming Hatchery,” most of the Auburn facility was constructed in 1942.
     Many of the fish at Auburn are reared in circular “raceways.”  The Auburn Hatchery pioneered use of the circular raceways to increase growth rates and raise fish in raceways with less water flow.  Success of such raceways led to their installation elsewhere around the state.  Species of fish cultured are kokanee, lake trout, splake and Snake River cutthroat, as brood stock.
     Trout fishing near the hatchery is available at all the Salt River Access Areas along Highway 89.

Auburn Fish Hatchery
P.O. Box 130, 2430 Fish Hatchery Rd.
Auburn, Wyoming 83111
(208) 225-3457

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