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Routt, Colorado to Seminoe Reservoir, Wyoming
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Northgate Canyon Rapids Rating

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  Rapid Rating System

(I) Very Easy:
Waves small regular, passages clear, very little maneuvering: riffles.

(II) Easy:
Rapids of medium difficulty, some maneuvering necessary; low ledges, slow rock gardens, medium regular waves.

(III) Medium:
Waves numerous, high irregular; rocks, strong eddies, passages clear though narrow, expertise in maneuvering required, inspection necessary the first time.

(IV) Difficult:
Long rapids, waves powerful, irregular; dangerous rocks, boiling eddies, inspection usually necessary; powerful and precise maneuvering required; maximum safety precautions necessary.

(V) Very Difficult:
Very large irregular waves, critical complex maneuvering required; maximum safety precautions necessary. Risk to boat and life; limits of controlled navigation.

(VI) Limits:
Navigation severe, risk to life and boat; rarely, if ever, run.
River Flow Levels

Below 900 cubic feet/second
Very marginal for rafts; small rafts and kayaks may be OK down to 800 cfs or so; depends on skill level and knowledge of river.

900 - 1200 cfs
OK for Kayaks, smaller oar boats, and paddle boats. Not advised for loaded oar boats (gear boats).

1200 - 2500 cfs
Good water levels for all rafts - a very technical and diffult run.

2500 - 2900 cfs
Getting pretty fast - still suitable for paddle boats.

Above 2900 cfs
Very significant and dangerous at this point! Water levels about 2900 cfs DEMAND expert experience and maneuvering ability for a successful and safe river trip. Advised for very experienced oar boats and kayakers only.

  1000 cfs 2000 cfs 300 + cfs
Windy Hole Rapids II III IV
Cowpie Rapids III III III
Narrow Falls Rapids III IV IV
Tootsie Roll Rapids III III IV
Stovepipe Rapids III III III

Last Modified: September 16, 2011