Wyoming's Top 100 - Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle (The “100” Course of Fire) Rules

Type of Course: Single Target

Targets (type & number): Birchwood Casey Dirty Bird® 12" x 18" Silhouette Target or equivalent (please print equivalent target on an 11x17 or 8.5x11 sheet of paper).

Setup: Target set securely in target stands (or on a designated backstop) at chest height. Markers on range clearly indicating
shooting locations for each string of fire.

No. of rounds to be scored: 10

Maximum points: 100

Start position: First String - 5 Yards, Second String - 10 Yards, Third String - 25 Yards, Fourth String - 50 Yards, Fifth String - 100

Shot “Time Window”: The first string is allotted the minimum time window per class. The second through fifth string is as outlined in the table.

Example - Expert “Time Windows”:

1st String = 3 Seconds
2nd String = 4 Seconds
3rd String = 6 Seconds
4th String = 12 Seconds
5th String = 24 Seconds

Start ready condition: Each String begins with the bolt-action rifle in identical condition (including any optics), loaded, with a round in the chamber, on safe at “low ready”.

Procedure: After an audible start signal, disengage safety and fire up to 2 shots into the target or until audible stop signal. Shots
fired outside the allotted time incur a penalty - “minus 10 pts.”  The firearm must be returned to “safe” condition after each string. The range officer may require a firearm to be unloaded after a string, prior to changing position, at their discretion.

**Violation of range officer safety directions, or “unsafe handling” disqualify any score.**

Scoring: Score the target for points, subtracting 10 points for each shot taken outside of the given time window.

Classification: Scoring of 90 or better, 5 times in any 2 year period results in an automatic change to the next highest available
class. Scoring a single “100” in any 2 year window likewise requires that a shooter immediately move to the next higher class.

Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle Time Windows by Class:
Class String 1 String 2 String 3 String 4 String 5
Novice 5 sec. 10 sec. 20 sec. 40 sec. 80 sec.
Intermediate 4 sec. 6 sec. 12 sec. 24 sec. 48 sec.
Expert 3 sec. 4 sec. 6 sec. 12 sec. 24 sec.
Master 2 sec. 2.5 sec. 5.0 sec. 10 sec. 20 sec.
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