Below are links to various wildlife cameras installed across Wyoming. More cameras are added all the time, so check back for updates

Recorded Video

8 Species caught on Trail Cam

Remote cameras provide a non-invasive tool for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's Large Carnivore Section to monitor wolf activity and pack composition without causing disturbance. Deploying cameras near wolf den and rendezvous sites often yields excellent data because the sites are the center of wolf pack activity in spring as summer as they cooperatively raise pups. In late summer 2019, Large Carnivore Section personnel stationed a camera at a wolf den after the pack had moved from the site assuming the pack would revisit the den during their subsequent travels. The camera captured interesting behavior from both adult wolves (collared) and pups (uncollared) when they revisited the den, and also recorded the presence and behavior of 7 additional wildlife species.
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