Below are links to various wildlife cameras installed across Wyoming. More cameras are added all the time, so check back for updates

Live Videos

Live Video

Fall Rainbow Trout Early Rearing - Dan Speas Fish Hatchery

The web camera is looking at Fall Rainbow Trout
Live Video

Eagle Lake Rainbow Trout Production - Dan Speas Fish Hatchery

Located in Production Building #3, in one of the large 36' production tanks. There are currently 63,000 Eagle Lake Rainbow trout in this tank. Feeding times are at 9:00, 10:30, 12:30, and 2:30 (MST).

The program has been in the state since 1962.
This spring spawning trout originated out of Eagle Lake, California. This stock has been a staple used by the Department to manage fisheries and generate quality recreational opportunities across the state for nearly 60 years.

Brood stock:
Wyoming Game and Fish Department maintains a captive broodstock of Eagle Lake rainbow trout at the Story Fish Hatchery, located in Story, Wyoming. A total of 3,000 adult brood fish produce approximately 2,700,000 eggs annually. Eggs produced meet Wyoming’s needs and surplus eggs are provided to other state and federal facilities.

Eagle Lake Rainbow trout account for approximately 30% of the fish raised in Game and Fish hatcheries each year. Eyed eggs are typically shipped out in April through June. As eggs develop, hatch and the fry swim-up, they are started on manufactured fish feed fed up to eight times a day. As the fish grow, the number of times fish are fed decreases. Depending on the water temperature and the feeding rate, Eagle Lake Rainbows can grow up to one inch per month.

Fish Distribution:
Eagle Lake rainbow trout are stocked throughout the state. Fish are typically reared to between 3 and 9 inches before they are stocked. On average, just over one million Eagle Lake Rainbow trout are stocked annually.
Live Video

Kokanee Early Rearing - Dan Speas Fish Hatchery

Kokanee salmon are one of the most popular game fish in the state of Wyoming.  Anglers come from all over the nation to take advantage of the amazing kokanee fisheries that exist in the state.  The Wyoming Game and Fish Department currently stocks over 1.2 million kokanee each year in many lakes and reservoirs across the state.

Kokanee salmon are closely related to the ocean going sockeye salmon.  Unlike sockeye, kokanee don’t migrate to and from the ocean; instead spending most of their life in a lake or reservoir.  Upon reaching maturity, adult kokanee run up streams or find areas along the sandy, gravely shores of a lake or reservoir to spawn.  Unfortunately wild spawning does not support all of the recreational fisheries so we need to stock kokanee.

Until last fall, the Department relied on wild spawning operations or importations from other states to provide the eggs needed to stock Wyoming’s waters.  However, the Department recently developed a captive kokanee broodstock at the Tillett Rearing Station which should provide a steady supply of disease-free eggs.  The eggs are reared at several Department hatcheries before being stocked as fingerlings.
Trappers Point - Wildlife Overpass
Live Images

Trappers Point - Wildlife Overpass

This camera is located west of Pinedale and monitors Trappers Point wildlife overpass. This is not a live video feed, the images update every 3 minutes. You will have to refresh your browser to see the most current image.

Recorded Videos

Recorded Video

8 Species caught on Trail Cam

Remote cameras provide a non-invasive tool for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's Large Carnivore Section to monitor wolf activity and pack composition without causing disturbance. Deploying cameras near wolf den and rendezvous sites often yields excellent data because the sites are the center of wolf pack activity in spring as summer as they cooperatively raise pups. In late summer 2019, Large Carnivore Section personnel stationed a camera at a wolf den after the pack had moved from the site assuming the pack would revisit the den during their subsequent travels. The camera captured interesting behavior from both adult wolves (collared) and pups (uncollared) when they revisited the den, and also recorded the presence and behavior of 7 additional wildlife species.
Recorded Video


Watch a beaver at work carrying willow branches back to its lodge.
Recorded Video

Black Bear Chilling

Watch this black bear chilling on a rock.
Recorded Video

Black Bear Cubs

Watch this recorded video of black bear cubs playing in the early days of summer.
Recorded Video

Grizzly Bear Sow and Cubs

Grizzly bear sow and cubs feed on animal carcass
Recorded Video

Kokanee Salmon Spawning

Watch as kokanee salmon swim upstream to spawn at New Fork Lakes.
Recorded Video

Osprey Fishing

Watch this recorded video of an osprey fishing to bring back food to it's nest.
Trail Cam Video

Pronghorn at Chain Lakes WHMA

Approximately 32 miles northwest of Rawlins in the Red Desert, Chain Lakes Wildlife Habitat Management Area (WHMA) provides winter habitat for pronghorn, and protects movement routes for pronghorn traveling between summer and winter ranges.
Recorded Video

Trail Cam Video

Watch a compilation of various trail cam footage from a single trail cam used in the summer of 2019. 
Trail Cam Video

Wildlife Underpasses in Wyoming

Watch two mule deer use a wildlife underpass near Daniel, Wyoming. The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission and WYDOT have committed a combined $2.5 million toward installing wildlife underpasses along US 189.


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