Animal Carcass Disposal Locations

View a map of Wyoming landfill and transfer station facilities that may accept waste from processed game animals and whole carcasses.


What We Do

Veterinary Services is a small statewide branch of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department .  Our primary goal is to provide diagnostics, information, education and research on wildlife disease and wildlife anesthesia to the department and general public.   Veterinary Services consists of the Wyoming Game and Fish Wildlife Health Laboratory, the Tom Thorne/Beth Williams Wildlife Research Center at Sybille, and the Department’s Wildlife Veterinarian.  For more information on these facilities, please click the links below.

Why We Care About Disease

Wildlife disease is becoming one of the most challenging issues that management agencies face today.  Many diseases can be shared between wildlife, domestic animals and humans.  Wildlife agencies play a critical role in disease surveillance and research which can help improve the overall health of wildlife populations as well as contribute to improved health and welfare of domestic animals and humans.

Why We Need Wildlife Anesthesia

Many people are surprised that biologists and game wardens need to take a class on anesthesia.  In today’s world – we are seeing human populations expand into increasingly urban environments.  As a result, we see more contact and conflict between the urban environment and wildlife species.  Wild critters have an incredible ability to get themselves stuck in all kinds of interesting situations.  Swing sets, hammocks, christmas lights, swimming pools, and fences are all at the top of the list of wildlife obstacles.  Our biologists and game wardens receive regular training from Veterinary Services on how to safely sedate and handle wildlife species to help get them out of these situations and move them to safer locations.

What Kind of Research We Do

Veterinary services works closely with wildlife biologists to conduct both captive and field research with a focus on improving the overall health and welfare of wildlife populations in Wyoming.  Much of our research is focused on disease management tools and applications, development of new disease diagnostic tools and development and validation of field anesthetic protocols for wildlife.

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