CWD Testing

Animals harvested within the state of Wyoming may be tested in association with Wyoming Game & Fish Department surveillance in target hunt areas.  Test results can be obtained on this website by clicking on the surveillance link below.  In most cases, testing is completed within three weeks.  Hunters whose animals test positive for CWD will be notified by mail and those hunters may dispose of the meat without violating any laws concerning the waste of game meat.  Meat should be properly disposed of in an approved municipal landfill.  License fees, game processing fees or other incidental expenses will not be refunded.  Hunters whose animals do not test positive will not be notified.

CWD results - WGFD surveillance

Alternatively, hunters in areas outside of Wyoming Game & Fish surveillance may have their animal tested at the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory or Colorado State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. 

Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory
Colorado State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

The whole head or just the retropharyngeal lymphnodes can be submitted for testing.  See pdf below for instructions on removing retro's.  It is reccommended, that if submitting retro's, that the head be retained until it is confirmed that the correct tissues were submitted to the laboratory.

Retropharyngeal Lymphnode Removal

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