Handling Precautions

State public health officials and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department recommend taking the following simple precautions when handling deer or elk carcasses where CWD occurs.

• Hunters should not harvest or eat wild animals that appear sick
• Wear rubber or latex gloves as a routine precaution when field dressing
• Minimize handling of the brain and spinal cord tissues
• When butchering, meat should be boned out
• Wash hands and instruments after handling and field dressing
• Consider quartering and freezing meat until CWD results are available      
• For disinfecting utensils of the prion protein, use sodium hypochlorite (household bleach, >2% free chlorine ) at one part bleach to one part water (50/50) at room temperature for one hour, or a one molar solution of sodium hydroxide (an approximate 4% solution)(5oz sodium hydroxide dissolved in one gallon of water) also at room temperature for at least 1 hour. Rinse utensils after soaking.

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