CWD Videos

The below video series is provided by the Mississippi State Deer Lab with many contributing Partners.  Click image to 
find all videos in the series.

Seeing is Believing is a two part documentary film that hopes to increase awareness about chornic wasting disease (CWD).  Although most hunters and landowners may never witness a clinically ill animal in an area with high CWD prevalence, the documentary demonstrates how CWD is certainly present, explains why it is a major concern, and how stakeholders are key to managing the disease.  Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) developed these films in partnership with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Chronic Wasting Disease Alliance, Colorado Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, and multiple private conservation organizations.

Seeing is Believing - Part 1

Seeing is Believing - Part 2

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation - CWD Informational Video

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