Grizzly Bear Management

Wyoming Grizzly Bear Management Plan

The Wyoming Grizzly Bear Management Plan was approved by the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission on May 11, 2016. 

The plan outlines how Wyoming would manage grizzly bears when they come off of the endangered species list.  

View the Wyoming Grizzly Bear Management Plan here including Appendix I (Draft MOA Regarding the Management and Allocation of Discretionary Mortality of Grizzly Bears in the GYE) and Appendix II (Regulatory Mechanisms Related to Grizzly Bear Management in Wyoming). View the final signed Tri-State MOA here.


Approximate Distribution of Grizzly Bear in Wyoming

The following map depicts the approximate area known to be frequented by grizzly bears. It should be noted that grizzlies may be present outside of known distribution areas.  View 2020 Approximate Distribution of Grizzly Bears in Wyoming Map

Bear Indentification Quiz

Identifying black bears from grizzly bears in the wild can be challenging. This identification program is intended to reduce mistaken identity killings of grizzly bears. 
Bear Indentification Quiz

Bear Education

Bear Wise Wyoming
Center for Wildlife Information
Hunter Education in Wyoming

Annual Reports

Grizzly Bear Job Completion Reports
2022 Grizzly Bear JCR
2021 Grizzly Bear JCR
Grizzly Bear Management Captures, Relocation's and Removals
in Northwest Wyoming

Bear Resistant Containers

Looking for bear resistant containers? Here is what you need to know.
IGBC Approved Bear Resistant Containers

IGBC Food Storage Regulation Interactive Map
Food Storage Regulations in Grizzly Bear Recovery Areas

Yellowstone Ecosystem Grizzly Bear Populations

Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team Annual Reports

Whitebark Pine Cone IGBST Project

Wyoming Grizzly Bear Management Weekly Updates

Grizzly Bear Weekly Updates

Wyoming Grizzly Bear Relocation Notification

Grizzly Bear Relocations

Grizzly Bear Related News Releases

Know Your Bear
Hunters Urged to Use Caution and Carry Bear Spray
Bears Remain Active-Hunters Should Stay Alert

Additional Information

For assistance with human-bear conflicts, call the nearest Wyoming Game and Fish Department regional office:

Casper - (800) 233-8544
Cody - (800) 654-1178
Green River - (800) 843-8096
Jackson - (800) 423-4113
Lander - (800) 654-7862
Laramie - (800) 843-2352
Pinedale - (800) 452-9107
Sheridan - (800) 331-9834

For additional information, please contact:

Dan Thompson - Large Carnivore Management Section
Lander, (800) 654-7862, In-state only
Questions related to grizzly bear management and ecology, monitoring efforts
and conflict resolution

Brian DeBolt - Large Carnivore Conflict Coordinator
Lander, (800) 654-7862, In-state only
Questions related to human safety in bear country 

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