Migration Corridors

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department spent several months working with the public and stakeholders to develop a strategy for conserving ungulate migration corridors. The culmination of that inclusive process was a vote by the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission to adopt the strategy at their Janurary 2016 Commission meeting. Migration corridors are considered vital under Commission policy and the vote adds key components of corridors, bottlenecks and stop-over areas, to this classification.

The migration corridor strategy includes proactive measures to conserve migration routes by examining potential threats and having Game and Fish and partners review and comment on projects on a case-by-case basis.   

“We really appreciate the time and resources that people and organizations across Wyoming put into helping create this strategy,” said Scott Talbott, Director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. “The strategy will help us identify the ways we can conserve migration corridors, which are vital for conserving mule deer, elk and pronghorn.”

The migration corridors of ungulates like mule deer, pronghorn and elk in Wyoming are some of the longest in North America. Over the past several years, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and other researchers have continued studying the migration of big game animals and, with its Commission and partners, Game and Fish has highlighted the need to conserve the documented routes.

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Feb. 11, 2019 Statewide Migration Corridors Forum Recordings

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