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December 09, 2019
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Sheridan - The Aquatic Invasive Species program in northeast Wyoming completed 5,768 boat inspections from April 13 through September 15. The majority of inspections were boats entering Wyoming via Interstate 90 at the Beulah Visitor Center and the Sheridan Rest Area. Many inspections also were conducted at Keyhole Reservoir and Lake DeSmet. Inspections found 32 boats in need of decontamination to protect Wyoming waters.

The majority of decontaminations were performed on watercraft with standing water in the motor. One watercraft was intercepted with thousands of quagga mussels attached and was decontaminated, though the suspect mussels were determined to be dead and not viable. The watercraft had previously been launched on the Saint Lawrence River in Canada and was traveling to Idaho.

Inspected watercraft were registered from 46 states and five Canadian provinces. During inspections, boaters indicated they had been to 654 different waters recently, with 31 of the waters considered suspect or positive for zebra or quagga mussels. Over 660 inspections were conducted on watercraft last used on a water considered to be positive for zebra or quagga mussels.

Aquatic invasive species are plant or animal organisms that are not native and cause substantial harm to ecosystems, municipal water supplies, recreation, agriculture and other commercial activities when they are introduced into new areas. Wyoming is one of just five states in the U.S. with no confirmed presence of the particularly damaging zebra and quagga mussels. Every state surrounding Wyoming has detected these damaging mussels so our inspections are vital to keep them out of Wyoming.

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