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Sage Grouse Numbers Dip

Biologists see numbers of sage grouse on the strutting grounds down a bit this spring.

5/30/2018 1:17:11 PM

Pinedale - Each spring, several Wyoming Game and Fish personnel from the Pinedale Region wake up early to go count sage grouse on 80 or so strutting grounds documented in the region. This spring saw the number of strutting males down approximately 21% from last year. This didn't come as a complete surprise as the number of chicks documented in the fall hunting harvest was down a bit too, giving managers a heads-up that numbers would likely be down this spring. This marks the second year in a row numbers have declined. Biologists are not overly concerned as sage grouse populations do seem to ebb and flow over the years and expect numbers to come up again in the coming years. Managers will continue to do the lek counts each spring, as well as determine the number of chicks per hen in the fall harvest, to keep tabs on the long term population trends.  


(Mark Gocke, Public Information Specialist, 307-733-2321)

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