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Reminder - Twin Buttes Reservoir Angler Survey Underway

June 28, 2023
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Laramie - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is in the midst of an angler survey effort at Twin Buttes Reservoir. The survey aims to evaluate the success of two strains of rainbow trout stocked into the reservoir, one that spawns in the spring and one that spawns in the fall. The fall spawning strain had their adipose fin removed before stocking, allowing Game and Fish to now evaluate which fish are being caught by anglers. More information about the project can be found in the original news release.

Survey efforts have concluded for the spring, but will resume in the fall. Anglers are encouraged to fill out a survey each time they fish at Twin Buttes Reservoir. The survey asks questions about rainbow trout caught, and whether each fish caught had their adipose fin removed. 

We thank anglers for their continued participation in this effort. “This research effort wouldn’t be possible without the contribution from anglers and we appreciate the time they have taken to submit surveys,” said Steve Gale, Game and Fish fisheries biologist in Laramie. “We look forward to using the information from anglers to help inform management of the reservoir’s rainbow trout fishery in the future.”

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