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New dog watering system at Springer WHMA

October 21, 2019
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An Eagle Scout candidate built a watering system for thirsty hunting dogs at the Springer WHMA

Cheyenne -

Thirsty hunting dogs are cooling off at a new watering system at the Springer Wildlife Habitat Management Area, thanks to an Eagle Scout project from a Cheyenne teenager.

Jaron Groesbeck, 15, of Cheyenne, built the watering system as an Eagle Scout project. Groesbeck is a member of Boy Scout Troops 110 and 130 through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and a student at Central High School.

“I have always loved Game and Fish, and if there was anyone I want to benefit with this project it would be Game and Fish,” he said. A member of his church works for the Game and Fish Department and put Groesbeck in touch with Jerry Cowles, Habitat and Access supervisor for the Laramie Region.

Cowles recommended the dog watering system as a possible project. Pheasant hunters and their dogs congregate at the Springer check station during the Spring Special Pheasant Hunt, making it the perfect location for a dog watering station.

“The requirement for the Eagle Scout project is to do something that will benefit someone in the community other than the Boy Scouts and your family. You also have to demonstrate leadership and delegation,” Groesbeck said. The project proposal must be approved by the organization benefiting from the effort, as well as the Boy Scouts.

Groesbeck came up with a design for the watering system, and ran it by Jerry for suggestions. He also got advice, and some of the parts, from his father who is a plumber. “I designed it so the tanks could easily be moved and refilled,” he said. “And the metal water tray can be adjusted for different sizes of dogs.” All told, he spent nearly 50 hours on the project. “That includes completing all the paperwork required by Boy Scouts for the project,” he said.

Groesbeck is an experienced fly fisherman and said he loves for fish “for whatever is biting.” Upon graduating high school, he hopes to go to medical school to become an ophthalmologist. He hasn’t been to Springer yet to see his project in use, but he’s glad he was able to help the dogs. “It was fun to do a project that dogs can use,” he said.

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