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New aquatic habitat and fisheries biologists in the Laramie Region

September 27, 2023
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Laramie - Wyoming Game and Fish Department would like to introduce the new positions of two existing Game and Fish employees in the Laramie Region. Steve Gale recently began a new position as aquatic habitat biologist, and Stephen Siddons filled Gale’s vacated position as fisheries biologist.

Steve Gale holds a fish during samplingSteve Gale earned a bachelor’s degree in natural resource management from the University of Nebraska, and his master’s degree in fisheries management from Montana State University. Gale served as a Game and Fish fisheries biologist in the Laramie Region for 18 years. In that time, he worked on a variety of fisheries projects, from researching migration patterns of trout in the North Platte and Encampment Rivers, to documenting the distribution of orangethroat darter in Lodgepole Creek, and describing angler use and harvest at Grayrocks Reservoir. 

Gale is now moving on to work as the Laramie Region aquatic habitat biologist. He is looking forward to expanding his professional experience and knowledge of the aquatic systems in the Laramie Region.

“As a fisheries biologist, some of my greatest memories were forming great relationships with anglers and landowners in the region,” said Gale. “In my new position, I’m looking forward to doing good work to improve the habitat in our local streams, rivers, and lakes, to continue to benefit all our anglers and the future of these resources.”

Filling the vacated fisheries biologist position is Stephen Siddons. Siddons earned his bachelor’s degree in fisheries and wildlife management from the University of Tennessee. He then went on to complete a master’s degree in applied ecology at the University of Nebraska. Siddons has been working for Game and Fish for nearly seven years, previously serving as a fisheries biologist for the Aquatic Assessment Crew. Though based out of Laramie, in that position Siddons completed projects across the state. Some highlights included tracking shovelnose sturgeon and sauger in the Powder River, searching for mussels and crayfish in the Bear River basin, and helping with native sucker conservation projects in the Green River basin. 

As he begins his position as Laramie Region fisheries biologist, Siddons looks forward to having a region to call home, and working with the diverse sportspersons, landowners, and constituents in the region. 

“Providing fishing access and opportunity, maintaining healthy fisheries, and conserving native species are all important to me, and I look forward to working in these areas to serve the Laramie Region,” said Siddons. “I would encourage anyone to reach out if they would like to get information, share concerns, or just talk fishing.”

You can get in touch with Stephen Siddons by calling the Laramie Regional Office at (307) 745-4046, or emailing him at Steve Gale can be reached through the Laramie Regional Office number or by emailing him at

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