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New North Laramie game warden

May 13, 2020
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Laramie - Kristen DaVanon is the new North Laramie game warden. She replaces Kelly Todd, who was promoted to Access Coordinator for the Laramie Region.

DaVanon is originally from Minooka, Illinois. She graduated from New Mexico State University in 2015 with a master’s degree in biology. During college, she did habitat work at forest preserves in Illinois and small mammal research in California. Her master’s project was on the interactions of predator/prey dynamics and expanding urban environments. 

She completed the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy in March of 2016 and was stationed at Glendo Reservoir in the summer of 2016, then worked in the Laramie area during the hunting season. She later worked at the Cheyenne Headquarters before transferring to the North Gillette senior game warden position in September 2017.

DaVanon has always been interested in wildlife. “Ever since I went to college I wanted a job that would allow me to interact with wildlife,” she said. She learned that conservation officers in many other states focus mainly on law enforcement, so she started looking for biologist positions. “Then I saw that Wyoming Game and Fish is multi-faceted. As wardens, we get to do hands-on work assisting the biologists.” She also enjoys the public outreach aspect of her job. “I get to get out into the community and help the public learn about the wildlife that is around them, whether that is through hunter education classes, classroom visits, or other outreach.” 

She is excited to get to know the landowners in her district and build relationships with them. “There are a lot of different groups of people who use the area in addition to landowners and I want to try to understand everybody’s needs,” she said.
While working in Glendo, DaVanon enjoyed the Laramie Peak area. “From the time I first worked here I thought it would be a great place to stay. Everything you need is right here, but you can take a short drive to all the outdoor stuff you want. It’s the best of all worlds in one area,” she said. 
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