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New Game Wardens in the Laramie Region

June 28, 2023
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Laramie - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has welcomed new game wardens to districts across the Laramie Region. Read on to learn more about these new faces in the region, and say hello if you see them around!

Mark Dexter - Torrington District
Mark Dexter graduated from the University of Wyoming with a bachelor’s degree in wildlife and fisheries biology and management, and worked with Game and Fish and private wildlife groups for several years. He then served 15 years with the Converse County Sheriff’s Department before returning to Game and Fish in April 2023. He was assigned to the Torrington district in May 2023.

Dexter has been settling into his district over the past month. “I’ve been really impressed with the variety of wildlife and landscapes that Goshen County has to offer,” said Dexter. “I really appreciate how kind and welcoming the people in the county have been to me, and I look forward to meeting more of them as I continue in my new position.”

Gavin Dougherty - West Cheyenne District
Gavin Dougherty graduated with a biology degree from Maryville College in Tennessee. He then worked as a technician in fisheries and wildlife conservation for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and for the Wyoming Game and Fish. Dougherty was hired as a game warden for Game and Fish in April 2022, and was assigned to the west Cheyenne warden district in February 2023.

One of the highlights for Dougherty so far was being able to work at the Maury Brown Kids Fishing Day, hosted by the Game and Fish and The WYldlife Fund on free fishing day. “It was fun to see so many people out helping kids learn how to fish for the first time,” said Dougherty. “Being able to participate in community events like this and meet so many people in the district has been a great experience.”

Elise Huysman - North Laramie District
Elise Huysman was born and raised on the water in New England, and earned her bachelor’s degree in fisheries from the University of Connecticut. She has worked with Game and Fish since 2020, starting with work in the Fisheries Division. In 2022 she became a game warden, and she was assigned to the North Laramie district in February 2023. 

Huysman has been enjoying getting to know her unique district. “In my short time in the district so far I've experienced everything from the wildlife calls right here in town, to getting around in the northern parts of Albany County that have really limited winter access” said Huysman. “I've had some great discussions with the landowners I've met so far, but encourage those I haven't run into yet to reach out. Give a call anytime or flag me down when you see me out learning my way around this summer and fall!”

Jesse Niemeir - Wheatland District
Jesse Niemeir grew up in western Montana and earned his bachelor’s degree in conservation biology and ecology from Montana State University. He has worked as a wildlife technician for the US Forest Service and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Niemeir was hired by Game and Fish in April 2022, and assigned to the Wheatland warden district in March 2023. 

Niemeir has hit the ground running in his district, already participating in a bighorn sheep collaring project in the Laramie Mountains. He has also been busy with the boating season in full swing, working watercraft and fishing law enforcement on Glendo and Grayrocks Reservoirs. “The Wheatland district has already offered some great opportunities for me to learn about local wildlife management and meet some of the folks who recreate in the district,” said Niemeir. “I am excited to continue getting to know my new district in the future.”

Ryan Snell - Elk Mountain District
Ryan Snell knew he wanted to be a game warden since he was ten years old. To make that goal a reality, he earned a bachelor’s degree in fish and wildlife biology from Colorado State University, spending his summers working as a wildlife technician. He was hired by Game and Fish in June 2022, and was assigned to the Elk Mountain district in March 2023.

Snell says realizing his childhood dream has been very rewarding. “It has been great meeting the many hard-working, passionate, and kind people who care about fish and wildlife in the Elk Mountain district,” said Snell. “I look forward to working with all of these folks and the many more I will meet in the future.”


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