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Local Fishing Spots Receiving Water

June 28, 2023
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Laramie - After a snowy winter and a spring of seemingly endless rain in the Laramie Region, landscapes are green and local lakes and reservoirs are filling up. Areas receiving or about to receive water include some popular fishing destinations in the region.

Lake Hattie is beginning to receive water. Currently, the lake is low and the main boat ramp is just becoming submerged. Use of this ramp will require additional water. There is additional public access using the easement through the Pioneer Canal lands. The final amount of water Lake Hattie will receive depends on rainfall and high elevation snow melt, but the Wyoming Game and Fish Department anticipates access will improve over the coming weeks.

Wheatland Reservoir #3 is beginning to receive water now that Wheatland Reservoir #2 has had its first priority water rights satisfied. Currently, water is near the bottom of the boat ramp at Wheatland Reservoir #3, and boaters are urged to operate with caution. Like Lake Hattie, the final amount of water Wheatland Reservoir #3 receives will be dependent on rainfall, but the water level is anticipated to rise over the coming weeks.

Finally, Diamond Lake is also filling, and is likely to be topped off with water by the end of June. Prior to 2016, Diamond Lake had a tumultuous water history, first hosting a robust fishery, then losing water access and drying up. Since 2016, the Game and Fish has secured water to maintain Diamond Lake’s levels, and it now hosts popular brook, rainbow, and cutthroat trout fisheries.

Lakes and reservoirs are not the only things to benefit from snowmelt and rainfall this spring. The Laramie Region has seen impressive vegetation green-up and growth, providing excellent forage for wildlife. Game and Fish anticipates this will be especially beneficial for lactating mothers with young, a key component to boosting population numbers in areas hit by harsh winter conditions.

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