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Laramie Region angler survey coming out this fall

September 27, 2023
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Laramie - Anglers residing in the Laramie Region and a few surrounding counties who held annual or lifetime Wyoming fishing licenses in 2023 should keep an eye out for an angler survey that will be emailed in late autumn. Wyoming Game and Fish Department is conducting this survey to collect information about angler priorities, satisfaction, and use of fisheries in the region.

Game and Fish has partnered with the Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center to conduct the survey. It will ask questions about topics such as targeted fish species, frequently fished waters, and opinions on regulations and management in the region. It will also have sections specific to fisheries management of Wheatland Reservoir #3 and Diamond Lake for anglers who fish those waters.

“This survey will be critical to management of regional fisheries,” said Bobby Compton, Game and Fish fisheries supervisor in Laramie. “We really look forward to hearing from anglers about their experiences and preferences, and will be considering the results we gather in this survey as we make future management decisions. I encourage all anglers who receive the survey to fill it out, as this is a great opportunity to voice your opinions regarding local management.”

Following the initial launch, anglers selected to participate should anticipate receiving a few reminder emails to complete the survey. After the survey concludes, Game and Fish will analyze the results and report key findings to the public when they are available.

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