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Hazardous tree work on Forest Road 830 in Sierra Madres; hunters urged to plan accordingly

September 06, 2019
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Affected hunt areas include:  Deer - Resident: 80, 82 & Non-resident: D, W ·  Elk – 15, 21

Laramie - Segments of Forest Road 830 (Deep Jack Road) in the Sierra Madre Range, Medicine Bow National Forest, will be temporarily closed for public safety during roadside hazard tree removal work this fall. Work on the 830 Road is expected to begin any day, pending contractor availability. The closure will impact through traffic, overnight camping, and parking.
In order to accommodate use during hunting season, from Sept. 5 - Oct. 31 the road will only be closed to through traffic during the week from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. The road will be open during the week from 5 p.m. - 7 a.m. (Monday evening until Friday morning) and all weekend (Friday at 5 p.m. until Monday at 7 a.m.), including federal holidays.
Barricades and signs will mark the rolling closure, with the first impacted segment being 2.5 miles, from the Continental Divide Trailhead west to the junction with Forest Road 412. Within the closure segments, overnight camping /parking and through traffic will be prohibited. There are three segments of rolling closures planned, moving east to west as work progresses.
Access along the 830 Road to hunting areas will be allowed while the road is open. No camping along segments of the road or within 300 feet of each side will be allowed, even while the road is in an open condition. Please have all personal vehicles and equipment removed by the time the road closes for the day on Monday through Friday. No camping or leaving of campers, trailers, vehicles, tents, or other property overnight will be permitted in the closure area at any time.
After Oct. 31 the road will be closed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week when the contractor is operating. Work will continue throughout the fall and spring until complete. There will be no public motor vehicle access on the closed segments of road, except for vehicles authorized by Forest Service permit.
Visitors to that portion of the Forest can contact the Brush Creek/Hayden Ranger District office in Saratoga for project and access updates. Call (307) 326-5258 or stop by 2171 South Highway 130.
The Medicine Bow National Forest remains open for use 300 feet from the closed road segments. Forest visitors should pay attention to signage in the area. Alternate access to the 830 Road area is available via the 801 Road from the southwest and the 452 Road to the North.
This past March, a news release was issued to make hunters aware of the possibility of temporary road closures on the Brush Creek/Hayden Ranger District during hunting season. Multiple roads were listed as options for fall hazard tree work, and out of that group only the 830 Road is expected to have roadside hazard tree operations occurring this fall.
Short-term road closures provide for long-term resource benefits and public safety. Visitors should be aware of ongoing changes that may affect travel on the National Forest.
Those traveling through the National Forest should pay attention to signage and refer to the Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) for alternate travel routes. MVUMs are free and physical copies can be obtained at the Brush Creek/Hayden District Office. Electronic versions of the free map are available online at
It is the user’s responsibility to know where they are and what types of restrictions may be in place when accessing public lands. Visitors should also be aware of log truck traffic on National Forest System Roads and drive with caution.
For more information about road conditions and ongoing projects, contact the Brush Creek/Hayden Ranger District.  You can also visit, or follow us on Twitter, @FS_MBRTB.
The Forest Service is coordinating with Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) to distribute information for hunters. Updates will be posted on the WGFD web site, including within the Department’s online Hunt Planner where applicable,
Affected hunt areas include:
·         Deer - Resident: 80, 82 & Non-resident: D, W
·         Elk – 15, 21

- WGFD -

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