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Flooding, road damage at Laramie Plains Lakes

June 21, 2019
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Laramie - Anglers and other recreationists are urged to use caution at the Laramie Plains Lakes due to flooding and water damage to roads and parking lots.
Due to high water levels, the roads and parking lots at most of the Laramie Plains Lakes are starting to deteriorate, making it difficult for anglers to get to these popular fishing locations. “Once the water goes down we will work to get them fixed,” said Jerry Cowles, Habitat and Access Supervisor for the Laramie Region. The Laramie Plains Lakes include Alsop Lake, Twin Buttes Reservoir, Lake Hattie, Gelatt Lake, Meeboer Lake, Sodergreen Lake, Leazenby Lake, Wheatland Reservoir #3 and Diamond Lake. Meeboer Lake has experienced the worst road damage.
With additional rain and thunderstorms expected this weekend, anglers and recreationists are advised to watch for rising waters that can create flooded or washed out roads. “We want the public to enjoy the time at the lakes, but also be aware of changing conditions,” Cowles said. He reminds drivers that vehicles are not permitted to leave roadways to avoid flooding or damage.

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