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Fishing tackle can be deadly to wildlife

May 24, 2019
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Discarded fishing line, hooks and tackle can become a death trap for wild animals that come into contact with it. This Canada goose at Sloans Lake in Cheyenne was the latest victims. Fortunately, Game and Fish Department personnel were able to capture this goose and remove the hook. 

Fishing line can restrict an animal’s movement, and can even prevent a bird from flying. When a hook becomes embedded in an animal’s mouth or tongue, it can prevent the animal from eating and eventually lead to starvation. Birds often pick up discarded line and tackle for their nests, which can result in strangulation or the birds accidentally hanging themselves from the nest. Besides birds, used fishing line and tackle can also be deadly to fish, turtles, frogs and mammals.

Anglers are urged to use the special receptacles installed around Sloan’s Lake to properly
dispose of used fishing line and tackle. If fishing at other lakes or streams, anglers should put
used line in their pocket or tackle box and later dispose of it in the trash. Throwing it on the
ground will almost guarantee that a wild animal will come into contact with it at some point.
Anglers are urged to pick up any discarded fishing line or tackle that they discover, even if it is
not your own. Please help keep fishing areas clean and prevent harm to Wyoming’s wildlife.
Photos submitted by Pete Arnold of Cheyenne.

- WGFD -

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