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Fish doing well at Meeboer and Gelatte lakes

May 14, 2018
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Anglers will be happy to know that fish in Meeboer and Gelatt lakes are doing well.

Laramie -

Some rainbow trout in Gelatt Lake have grown to more than 22 inches, and Snake River cutthroat trout are pushing 19 inches. Arctic grayling stocked in Gelatt Lake in 2017 are now topping 14 inches. Meeboer Lake continues to have a high density of trout surviving the winter, and some were greater than 19 inches. However, a majority are still in that 14-16 inch range even after four years of overwinter survival. The Laramie Fish Management Crew is going to take a harder look at Meeboer Lake this year to determine why the fish are not as plump as they should be. 

Trout will not be stocked in Meeboer this year due to the already high density of trout and to reduce competition and increase growth. Catch rates have been high at Meeboer over the last few years, but biologists want to the fish to grow larger. They hope to strike that balance in the future with research and stocking adjustments.

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