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Fish are doing great at Alsop Lake

June 18, 2018
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If you're looking for big trout, look no further than Alsop

Laramie -

The Laramie Region Fisheries Management crew is pleased to report that Alsop Lake is once again supporting huge fish.
Biologists say a limnological event killed most of the game fish in Alsop Lake in 2016, but the lake has rebounded without additional winter kills. About 5,000 rainbow trout and 2,500 Yellowstone cutthroat trout were stocked following the die off in 2016. Recent surveys found Yellowstone Cutthroat averaged 19 inches, and Rainbow Trout averaged 20 inches, with the largest fish a 24 inch, 6-pound Rainbow. Trout were also stocked in Alsop Lake in 2017 and again this spring.

Anglers are reminded that fishing at Alsop Lake is by artificial flies and lures only and all trout less than 16 inches must be returned to the water immediately. There is a 2-fish daily creel limit and possession limit for trout at Alsop Lake.


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