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Fence Conversion Projects Underway

June 28, 2023
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Laramie -

The Habitat and Access crews in the Laramie Region have been hard at work on fencing projects since the ground thawed. Three Wildlife Habitat Management Areas (WHMAs) and one Public Access Area (PAA) are slated to receive fencing improvements this year. These projects aim to convert existing fences to new, wildlife friendly versions that allow increased animal movement.

Fences at the Wick Brothers WHMA near the Wagonhound Rest Area were torn down in May, and installation of new fencing is nearly completed. The old fence was falling apart, presenting a great opportunity to replace it. The new fencing improves safety for recreationists and passage for wildlife like elk that migrate across the WHMA from summer to winter habitats.

Volunteer opportunities are also available for fencing projects in the region. With the help of volunteers, Game and Fish aims to convert 12 miles of woven wire fence to wildlife friendly fencing at the Red Rim Grizzly WHMA, south of Rawlins. On June 24 and 25, volunteers joined the effort to help tear down the old fence, advancing the project considerably.

The Laramie Peak WHMA is receiving 10 miles of fence conversions. Six miles have been completed so far, prioritizing high wildlife-use areas. Game and Fish anticipates organizing additional volunteer days to complete the final four miles of fencing, and information will be shared when it is finalized. The Mule Creek Ranch PAA is also slated to receive four miles of fence conversions, and volunteer opportunities will be available in the future.

“We often get questions about what individuals can do to help big game in Wyoming” said Jerry Cowles, Game and Fish habitat and access supervisor in Laramie. “Volunteering to help with fencing projects is a great way folks can have a direct impact on improving habitat for wildlife in Wyoming.”

You can keep an eye out for upcoming volunteer opportunities on the Game and Fish website.

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