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Diamond Lake to receive additional water

June 20, 2019
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More water equal better habitat for fish at this popular fishery

Laramie - Anglers will be happy to learn that Diamond Lake near Arlington will receive additional water this summer. For more than a decade, Diamond Lake (also known as Bosler Reservoir), had been too low to support fish, but beginning in 2016 abundant water supplies have made it possible to refill it enough to stock trout.
The reservoir currently contains approximately 2,576 acre feet, and Wheatland Irrigation District, which owns the land at water at Diamond Lake, has agreed to add an additional 1,000 acre feet of water over the next several weeks. Funds from the Sport Fish Restoration Program were used to purchase the water.  This federal program provides money received from tax on fishing and boating equipment to the states for management and restoration of fish and recreation in the waters of the United States.

The extra water is great news for anglers. “By securing another year’s worth of water, we expect the fishery to continue to thrive and grow,” said Bobby Compton, fisheries supervisor for the Laramie Region. “Diamond Lake has become popular again with anglers, and this additional water will keep it around for years to come.”
Game and Fish began stocking Diamond Lake again in 2016 and after three years of stocking, rainbow trout have grown to 18 inches and brook trout range from 12 to 14 inches. Anglers are reporting good catch rates or large, healthy fish this spring. Anglers should be aware that the regular statewide regulation of six (6) fish daily limit with no size restrictions will apply for trout at Diamond Lake. Anglers are reminded that Diamond Lake is a Public Access Area, with the land owned by the Wheatland Irrigation District. To keep public access to the lake and ensure a bright future for keeping water and great fishing, please show your gratitude to the district by respecting the land and the landowner when recreating at Diamond Lake. Pack out all your trash and keep all vehicles on the designated roadway. People should also be aware that camping is prohibited at Diamond Lake.

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