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Diamond Lake roaring back as a great fishery

May 14, 2018
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It’s been two years since the Game and Fish Department stocked fish in Diamond Lake (also known as Bosler Reservoir) near Arlington, and recent surveys show that the fish are healthy and growing large enough to make any angler proud.

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For more than a decade, the reservoir had been too low to support trout, but abundant water supplies and cooperation from the Wheatland Irrigation District made it possible to refill it enough to stock rainbow trout beginning in 2016. Cutthroat and brook trout were added in 2017 to give anglers more species to catch. Recent fish surveys show that the fish are doing well and Diamond Lake is on its way to becoming a destination spot for anglers once again. 
            Biologists used gill nets in early May to get an idea of the number and sizes of fish in the reservoir. They were pleased with the catch rates and the size of the fish. “The fish are growing and gaining weight and they are healthy,” said Laramie Region Fisheries Biologist Chance Kirkeeng. “They are as big as we expected them to be, and maybe even a bit larger.” 
            Kirkeeng was especially pleased with the brook trout, which were stocked at only three inches in 2017 and have grown to about 12 inches.  “They’re getting really big, that was a nice surprise,” he said. Other species are also doing well. Some rainbow trout were 17 inches long and weighed around 2 pounds. Cutthroat trout were a bit smaller at around 13-14 inches, but still growing well.
            “This was always a very productive lake, and since there haven’t been any fish in here for a long time there is plenty of available food for the fish we stock,” Kirkeeng said.
            He highly recommends fishing at Diamond Lake and with all the insect activity, he encourages anglers to try small flies and lures. The shallow water in the reservoir means the fish are often close to shore, making it easy for bank fishermen to catch fish. He notes that while it is possible to launch a smaller boat, large boats are not recommended due to the shallow depth of the water and the abundance of aquatic vegetation. 
            The land and water at Diamond Lake are owned by Wheatland Irrigation District, which entered into an agreement with Game and Fish in 2016 to provide water to the reservoir. Funds from the Sport Fish Restoration Program were used to purchase the water. 
            Anglers are reminded that the regular statewide regulation of six (6) fish daily limit with no size restrictions will apply for trout at Diamond Lake. And since Diamond Lake is a Public Access Area, with the land owned by the Wheatland Irrigation District, anglers are reminded to respect the land and the landowner when recreating at Diamond Lake.


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